Black Bottom Brew Club is Formed

Black Bottom Brew Club was founded in 2011 by Sean Murphy and Adrian Murphy, a father and son team from Detroit. Together, with a small group of Detroit area home brewers and volunteers, they created an ongoing social experiment they call "Community Beer". Their mission is to help create social change in their immediate community by using the unifying power of craft beer as the vehicle. Our "community beer" is donated to grass roots volunteer groups in the city of Detroit who show special dedication and support to Detroit independent art & music as well as historic sites and places of interest in and around our city. Like the people and history of the city of Detroit, our club recipes are a wonderful mash-up of regional and ethnic diversity in beer styles. Our namesake commemorates and pays homage to Detroit's historic former Black Bottom district. Our goal is to register as a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission will be to help empower community educational workshops, community art, music and gardening programs.

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