Detroit Oktoberfest 2015! Presented by: Black Bottom Brew Club

4th annual ~DETROIT OKTOBERFEST~ ~Detroit Art ~ Detroit Music ~ Detroit Beer Musical Program 10:00 Third Coast Kings 9:45 Detroit Awesome Awards (Olaymi Dabls) 9:00 Omowale Afrikan Percussionist with Maghan Sowande A. Keita and Ayinde Ananda 8:45 Detroit Awesome Awards (Tawana Petty) 8:15 ONE THOUGHT w/ android (acoustic soul/hiphop) 8:00 Detroit Awesome Awards (Marvin Surowitz) 7:45 Detroit Poetry Society featuring ROCKET MAN, Intellect Allison and Gabrielle Knox 7:30 Detroit Awesome Awards (Batch Brewing) 7:00 Emily Infinity 6:45 Detroit Awesome Awards (Orlando Thopre) 6:15 Marsha Music, shares her first hand account of the history of Black Bottom, Hastings St, and Paradise Valley; with a multi-media presentation; part of her One Woman Show - Live From Hastings Street! 6:00 Jamon Jordan, Opening words and libations 5pm-6pm Open mic, jam session and drum circle, hosted by ONE THOUGHT 12am-2am "Detroit Homegrown~Hip-Hop Review" featuring: Wood Zombie Savior Monroe Demon Eyes Kyo Awkward Theory Mo Mo Also featuring performances by: Zak & What Army? Comedy, music, turtles, bubbles & NONSENSE ARTISTS in the gallery show: Brian Gagnon & Mary Gagnon Ifoma Stubbs Armageddon Beachparty & Co. Wayne Curtis Ian P Smith Walter Wobbley III Ria Noriega

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