ALLEY BREW! (April) First Saturday Public Brew day.

Brewing 4 Detroit!

It was a great brew day! Several new friends came out for beer and fellowship while we brewed another batch of B3 Community Beer™. I'm very pleased to announce that there will soon be a chapter of Black Bottom Brew Club in China! No joke, one of our online members lives in China and was here this weekend visiting his mother. He's starting up a B3 chapter in the city he lives near near Beijing. Brew day went really well. The food and beer was off the hook. We smashed a pork butt courtesy of Chase's magical skills and our trusty smoker. 20 hours smoked slow and low with soaked appplewood chips. We use a home-made smoked paprika/cumin paste rub. We make a finishing sauce from apple cider vinegar, apple juice & bourbon and a few other secret items which is added at the time we pull it, bone falls right out dry, that's how you know it's perfect! Next month maybe we'll do a salmon fillet and some cheese too. Hope to see you. What we made today: Belgian Quad O.G. 1.091 IBU 55 SRM 42 AVB 10.5%

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